Prince Lachlan
 Age 7
 Brown Hair
 Brown Eyes

 Youngest son of King Garolds. On the run for his life from his three older, half brothers. He hopes to find safety in one of the neighboring kingdoms but slowly begins to accept the fact that doing the right thing might not be the safest.

 Age 17
 Black Hair
 Blue Eyes

 A Seamstress' daughter who risks her life to save the life of Prince Lachlan. She takes him to other kingdoms in the hopes of finding safety and over time realizes that keeping him alive may cost her her life.

 Age 18
 Black Curly Hair
 Brown Eyes

 A one handed hermit who lives on his own until the day Magda and Lachlan crash into his garden. He joins them on their journey, often regretting his choice. He's a good cook, an expert swordsman, but not that great of a swimmer.

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