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 Interview with Ennion
 Greetings, Ennion, thank you for letting me interrogate you.
 You're welcome, though you didn't really give me a choice.
 Well, elves are kind of popular and you didn't think I'd really attempt this on Trystan, did you?
 No one in their right minds would attempt this on Trystan so yes, I did think you would. But, does this mean I get pie? You gave pie to the last person you interrogated.
 Sorry, Sammy ate it all.
 Of course

 Okay, enough about that though. Would you like to tell everyone a little bit about yourself?
 I guess it wouldn't hurt any. My name is Ennion, I am an elf from the city of Aesoram, in the kingdom of Glothyrea.
 There should be a line through the O in Glothyrea, but I don't know how to get it there.
 That is the only thing you could think to say after all that.
 Yes. Why does that surprise you? Carry on.
 Do you want me to break out in song?
 No, just...carry on....
 Just making sure. Um, as I was saying, I lived in for many, many years - till the day I met Stefan, Magda, and young prince Lachlan. I am now on the run for my life in an attempt to save the prince from his older brothers.
 You said many, many years...how many?
 You're as bad as the dwarves. I refuse to answer that.
 Come on. Give us just a hint.
 I'm your author and - *in David Tennant's voice* - I demand that you tell me!
 That's pretty good. Didn't know you could do a British accent.
 I have hidden talents.
 I'm more than a hundred, but that's all you're getting out of me.

 Two Dwarf brothers have joined your company since you first met the other three. How do you feel about Dwarves.
 Are you trying to get me in trouble?
 Just answer.
 I like Dwarves. They're a good race. Just, certain of them can be grumpy. And when they get grumpy, I kind of want to push them into rivers. And if Golon reads this, I am dead. So I hope you're happy.
 I am.

 How do you feel about Dragons?
 Dragons? Why do you ask about Dragons? They don't exist.
 You willing to bet your life on that?
 Not anymore...

 You travel through the Kingdoms in the winter. Personally, do you think this is a good time to travel or would you prefer summer?
 If I had a choice I would have picked summer. But I have an evil author and she made is go in the winter. Everyone else in her books got to go on quests in the summer - but no, not us. We have to put up with blizzards and almost freezing to death.
 That isn't completely true! The Broken Blade Boys are traveling in the winter right now.
 Right now. For half a book. You said that later they will be traveling mostly in summer.
 "I was just traveling." "Traveling? Traveling where? Why can't you tell me?"
 Are you going to start quoting that Doctor Who show all the time now.
 Why do I put up with this?
 I don't know, why do you? You weren't even supposed to be a main character in the books, so you can't blame this on me. Don't forget, I was just going to have them meet you passing through, but noooo. You had to beg and plead and then just invite yourself along.
 I can kind of see why those one characters aren't speaking to you. 
 You're very grumpy today, what happened?
 Golon attempted dinner tonight.
 Oooo...poor you. Here. have more pie.
 Thanks, that helps. 
 HA! Now YOU'RE quoting Doctor Who!!
 This isn't getting far. Can I go now? I have a prince to save.
 Yeah, sure. But leave the pie here. I need it in case I ever interrogate anyone else.
 I pity them.

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